Saturday, August 8, 2009

Exclusive Nike Shoe

Description: Proudly presenting this exclusive Nike Sport Shoes! Brought back from HK. So, this can't be found in M'sia! Look at those shoelaces.. It's gold babe! Awesome, no? I bought this for around RM300!

Condition: 100% New as I can't fit it because of climate change. My feet beame really big.

Size: 6 (best fit for size 5 babes!)

Price: RM170 and it's brand new! Look at the bottom of the shoe! Pure white!

Kimono Dress

Description: A dress, but above the knee length. V-neck collar in front and at the back. Showing your sexy cleavage and your sexy back! Yahoo!

Condition: 80% New!

Size: M

Price: RM 35 Only!

Sweet Blouse

Description: Feeling cute, wanting freedom and to fly? Get this lace blouse with Chinese oriented collar, pairing with long black pants. Look cute, innocent and decent looking.

Condition: 100% New!

Size: Free (best fits on M size babes)

Price: RM25 Only! Since it's new!

Unionbay Top

Description: Yellow refreshing-looking shirt which you could wear it to any shopping malls, mamak stalls, pasar malam, wherever!

Condition: 80% New

Size: S

Price: RM15 Only!


Description: Feeling christmas-y? Get this to spice up yourself for this coming christmas! Pair this with black tights, and you're looking smoking hot! I bought this dress from some online blogshop.

Condition: 100% New

Size: Free (Best fit on M size babes)

Price: Only RM20!

Collar Shirt

Description: This shirt is beige in color. Pair it with a military pants and you're looking cool! I bought this shirt from Nichii for RM30.

Condition: 95% New!

Size: S

Price: Only RM18!

Buy this with MNG brown skinnies, RM45!

MNG Skinnies

Perfect for casual outing! The second picture is the real color of the skinnies.

Description: This skinnie is waaaay to short for me. It's hanging above my ankle which I dislikes most! Overall, it's a skinnie that I would really love it wear everyday! So comfy!

Condition: 95% New!

Size: UK4 (Size S - small size M)

Price: RM35 only!

Status: SOLD!

OL Semi-waisted Skirt

Nicole semi-waisted skirt! Best for working OLs aye?

Description: The color of this skirt is beige in colour. Looking decent yet professional with a white working top.

Condition: 90% New!

Size: S

Price: RM20 Only!

Three Quarter Legging

Leggings again! Another must have aye?

Description: There's a defect on the left legging. There's a missing button! Oh no! But this material is really good and it's very comfy to wear on. No harm getting one aye?

Since there's a defect,

I'll charge this legging...

Condition: 80% New except for the defect.

Price: RM5 only!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lycra Leggings

Picture taken from Shopping Critique.

Bought from some online blogshop, which I've forgotten. It's too short for me since I have really long legs. So, I've decided to sell it off.

Legging is a must-have for every girl, which can be match with different kinds of long tops, or short dresses, or short skirts, or even shorts! Pair this lovely legging with one of the above, with a high heels pump, you're good to go!

Material: Lycra

Size: Free (Fits best from S-L)

Price: RM10


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Off-Shoulder Top

Pic credit to Classy Cherry

Anyhow, I bought this top and I realised I'm not suitable for these type of style, therefore, I'm selling it to those who love off-shoulders!

Condition: 100% Brand New As I didn't get to wear it out. =_=

Size: Free (Fits best on S-M size babes)

Price bought: RM35

Price selling: RM20!


Winter Sonata

This lovely cropped coat really reminds me of korean drama! Anyway. If you are going to places which are cold, cozy, cooling, whatever, this is a must-have piece for you! It gives off a romantic feeling!

Description: It's knitted and thick, so it's keeps you warm! To pair it, wear a long sleeve turtle neck top for the inner layer, and this on the outer layer, with a jeans...

and you're good to go! looking fashionable yet romantic in the fall, too!

Condition: 100% Brand New!

Size: Free (Fits best on S-M size babes!)

Price: RM25

Sexy Evening Dress

There's a defect on this dress.

This is definitely a must-have evening dress! It's so sexy and glamourous!
*Note: This sexy and glamourous piece is from UK and branded!*

Descriptions: Knee-length and flowy dress. This dress is padded! Looks really elegant with the diamonds at the straps. There's definitely a defect on the dress. I'm sorry, babes. The only way to fix this defect is to remove the diamonds. However, I think the diamonds are the main attraction of the dress. Therefore, before I remove it, I want the buyer to agree to it (whether to remove both or just one).

Condition: 95% (except for the diamond T_T)

Size: UK10 (M size)

Price: RM30!!


Lace Spaghetti Top

Lovely laces spaghetti top which I really liked as you can see, the details of the top is all laces! However, this top doesn't fit my body line well, so I decided to sell it off! ^^

Description: This top is covered with laces, from front to back, at the left side of the top, you can tie a ribbon to add the loveliness of the top!

Condition: 70% Good condition!

Size: XS

Price: RM5

Black Shimmering Tee

About this piece. I didn't want to sell it because of the glitters. It's a very cute piece which I really don't want to sell it. But keeping it in my closet is no use, aye? Therefore, I decided to sell it. :(

Descriptions: Shimmer shimmer glitters at the bottom of the tee, V-neck collar, small and tight fit.

Condition: 70% Good condition!

Size: XS

Price RM5! >_<


Flower Tank Top

Another tank top! This time with a flower attached to it. Lovely, no? When I first saw that piece at 'Love It', I was obsessed with it, but I can't fit it, no more! :(

Condition: 70% Good condition

Size: XS

Price: RM5

Topshop Tank Top

Topshop Red Tank Top, which is great for casual outing, but it's small for me, so I decided to sell it off to other girls who are skinnier than me.

I think I've grown big! ;D

Condition: 78% Good condition!

Size: XS

Price: RM10

Casual Small Sling Bag

Authentic United Colors of Benetton! My sister who lives at US bought for me, but I didnt get a chance to use this bag, as I'm not really into army style.

Descriptions: Sling small bag suitable for leisure usage! A small pocket inside, A big pocket at the back of the bag. Totally army style with the dark green color!

Condition: 100% [Never used it before]

Price: RM20

Lovely Dress

This lovely piece has been hiding in my closet for a long time.

So, I plan to pass this lovely piece to another owner who loves it.

Descriptions: Smocked at the upper body, with laces around the buttons and the collar, puffy sleeves, puffy skirts. Totally lovely! (Inform me in order to get detailed pictures <- I think it's really unique! ;D)

Condition: 90% Brand New!

Size: Best fit for M size girls! ;)

Price: RM20!

[dress for RM20? Are you kidding me? No, I'm not! This is definitely a steal, babes! ;D]

Wardrobe Clearance

Hey babes, how are you all doing?

Anyway, I felt that my room has been flooded with clothes.

As all babes know, we, girls are never bored of shopping.

So, I plan to clear my wardrobe to stock some new clothes.

All prices are going down! Since my main purpose is to get rid of the clothes.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Sleeveless Kimono Top

Cute sleeveless kimono, ain't it? You could wear it for leisure use!

Condition: 90% Brand New!

Price selling: RM20

Markdown Price: RM15

Black Lace Sleeveless top

Black top with laces at the sleeves and the collar. What do you think? Lovely, ain't it?

Condition: excellent! Worn for few times.

Price selling: RM18

Markdown Price: RM10

Massive Update!

MNG Jeans

Description: Soft dark blue denim material, which makes your day comfortable with this jeans!

Size: UK4-6 (mail me for exact measurement)

Condition: 90% brand new!!

Price selling: RM40

Markdown Price: RM35

Closer look at the collar. This is what I love about this dress.

Evening Dress

This piece is really elegant even though it looks plain. To make it more dressy, wear a clincher!

Bought from: Nichii.

Size: S (Probably UK4-6)

Condition: 100% brand new!

Price selling: RM30


Match it with a scarf. You can match it with a clincher if you want!

Sweet Blouse

Bought it in one of the online shop (Masquerade Closet <-- Closed)

Reason for selling: Don't know when to wear it.

Description: There's a slight defect at the collar, not visible.

Condition: 90% brand new (except the collar part! D:)

Bought at: RM40

Price selling: RM18

Markdown Price: RM10!!